International Fashion Designer Turned Author, So What's In Her Next Chapter?


Does this mean a new direction for Christina Kilmister? She is founder and fashion designer of Lilika Designs, and built her business from the ground up, or should I say from a bedroom in her home to the successful business it is today. She made the decision to turn her back on a secure and "safe" corporate career to chase her passion in the fashion industry.
Over the last five years this has grown into much more than your average online designer boutique. The brand now dresses women from all over the globe, has walked international runways and been invited to fashion weeks and events that some designers would only dream of. As recently as last week Christina was invited once again to Milan and Paris City fashion weeks. Along with being featured in world renowned fashion magazines. Lilika has also been hanging on the racks at the celebrity boutique Pol 'Atteu in the golden triangle, Beverly Hills 90210.
Lilika Designs is also the foundation of Christina's amazon best selling book, "Passion, Fashion & Heart". Just last year her designing caught the attention of a Bollywood movie director who approached Christina to be full costume designer for an up and coming movie in Mumbai. She would be traveling around India with her team on set for three months, but due to the pandemic this has been on hold.
We have followed Christina's journey from her debut show in Manhattan NYC to her now being the resident fashion/style columnist in our magazine, and most recently launching "Sisterhood Inspiration".
I spoke with Christina to find out what the future held for her, and to my surprise there were definitely some big changes on the horizon.
WFMN: Christina elaborate on designer turned full-time author?
Christina- I feel like I'm at a crossroads right now, but no matter what path I take I know it will be wonderful! I feel very blessed to be in this position. My brand has given me the opportunity and platform to forge a new path from designing, into now being a full-time author and writer. Giving me a wonderful life balance of work, play and family. My publisher will be releasing my second book in the very near future which was delayed due to covid last year. My new adventure "Sisterhood Inspiration" is now very close to my heart and is what I want to focus on more, along with being a columnist.
My writing and my book were born from Lilika and I will always be a designer/stylist no matter what, it's literally in my blood! For the future though, writing is where I can tap into my other passion, and that is empowering women from all walks of life. It just seems like the right and natural progression for me at this stage. My driving force to start my brand was because I wanted to help women feel fabulous about themselves inside and out, to encourage them to chase their dreams and live a life they love.
This next step is where I can achieve that the most which is important to me. I have always believed everything happens for a reason and with new doors opening up to me as a writer, I'm going to walk through them, it's just the way I roll! The opportunities that have come to me since my debut show in Manhattan have truly been amazing, and I am so grateful for them all!
WFMN: Does this mean no more future Lilika collections?
Christina- I think there comes a time in your life and your career when you need to take a step back and have a look from the "outside in". For me it's over five years down the track and I have two great loves in my career life, designing/styling and writing/empowering. I have ticked things off as a fashion designer that I'd never have imagined possible, even in a twenty year career. I feel very satisfied with what I've achieved and where I'm at, having absolutely no regrets.
I have jumped at every opportunity with my brand that has been offered to me with open arms.
To answer your question, there won't be any more collections going up on the website in the foreseeable future, but I will create some limited one off designs every now and then, just for the love and fun of it and for my loyal lilika lovers! I will be guiding and styling through the pages of my books, column and publications instead. The Lilika Designs website will of course still be rocking and have all the new happenings as they play out in the future, so watch that space. The funny thing is, in the last week I've been invited again to showcase Lilika at both Paris and Milan City Fashion Weeks. I may still hit the international runway again in the distant future to stay in the game, it's not ruled out, we shall see!
WFMN:Tell us about "Sisterhood Inspiration"
Christina- This is a new love and something that has unexpectedly developed, and not what I had planned, but in saying that, I also spoke the same words about being an author! When I was writing my column, "How to look fabulous and love the life you live" and completing my second book, the idea came to me of how I wanted to share not only my story but other women's also. To learn how they followed their heart to chase, "the dream" so they could in turn inspire others around the globe. This was a great way to reach out, not just via the pages of my books. It was a way to encourage and celebrate the sisterhood's confidence, strength and empowerment together.
I now have the pleasure of interviewing inspirational women from all walks of life, over the globe, and sharing their journey on how they came and conquered. How they are now living their passion and a life they love. I never knew how much I loved being the interviewer instead of the interviewee until I started, It's awesome! The debut of SI is out very soon.
WFMN: You always seem to be going a million miles an hour with exciting things in the pipeline every time we catch up, how do you do it?
Christina- oh dear you make me sound rather frantic haha. Bottom line is, I will very rarely pass up an opportunity that comes to me, so if it feels right and it's something I love, and aligned with what I believe, I am all in! The "million miles an hour" is honestly something I have had to learn to try and tame as such, but I'm so much better than I was. Maybe don't ask hubby that though:) I do actually stop now and breathe!
I have learnt over time that you really need to have life balance, to do what you love, and to have the time for your loved ones. As cliché as it sounds we never know what a day may bring, so it's all about living it to the fullest, and at the end of that day feeling satisfied at what you have done. My brand is now offering me a new path, one that is going to give me more of all that, and it's why this new chapter is not only super exciting but perfect timing!
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